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Areschoug, J.E., 1851

Areschoug, J.E. (1851). Phyceae capenses, quarum particulam primam, venia ampliss. philos. facult. Upsaliens., praeside J. E. Areschoug... pro gradu philosophico p.p. Johannes Conradus Carlberg gothoburgensis. In auditorio Gustaviano die vii maj mdccli. H.A.M.S. pp. 1-32. Upsaliae [Uppsala]: excudebat Reg. Acad. Typographus.

Upsaliae [Uppsala]

1 [i], [1]-8 Johannes Conradus Carlberg 7 Mai 1851 2 [i-ii], 9-6 Carolus Albertus Holmgren 10 Mai 1851 3 [i-ii], 7-24 Gabr. Otto HÃ¥kansson 10 Mai 1851 4 [i-ii], 25-32 Carolus Magnus Appelberg 13 Jun 1851 This series of dissertations was intended to be continued. The abbreviation H.A.M.S. in the title stands for hora ante meridiem solitis. Page 32 ends abruptly.


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