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Harvey, W.H., 1849

Harvey, W.H. (1849). Nereis australis, or algae of the southern ocean: being figures and descriptions of marine plants, collected on the shores of the Cape of Good Hope, the extra-tropical Australian colonies, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Antarctic regions; deposited in the Herbarium of the Dublin University. [Part 2]. pp. 65-124 [ends abruptly], pls XXVI-L. London: Reeve Brothers.

Publication Date:
"before November 1849"


Checked in the Natural History Museum: two parts bound into one copy. According to TL2, "The book was never completed; the advertisement on the back cover of the wrapper of part one announces four parts, each containing 25 plates. The text ends abruptly on p. 124. Harvey continued the subject with his Phycologia australica (no. 2446) (1858-1863). The plates are handcoloured liths., by the author."


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