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Dillwyn, L.W., 1809

Dillwyn, L.W. (1809). British Confervae; or colored figures and descriptions of the British plants referred by botanists to the genus Conferva. pp. 1-87, 1-6 (Index and Errata), pls. 69, 100-109, A-G (with text). London: W. Phillips.


Dixon (1960) supposes that the introduction, p. 1-35, the Synopsis on p. 36-87, the title-page, the index and the supplementary plates A-G were published in the late autumn of 1809. According to Pritzel the fascicle covers bore the title "Synopsis of the Confervae." - A number of the original drawings (20-25) is at MANCH, others are at K. Artists W.J. Hooker, W.W. Young, Ellen Hutchins [drawings of algae and plants at K]. Plates 1-109, A-G, printed in black, red and green, finished by hand in some copies.


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