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Turner, D., 1809-1811 '1811'

Turner, D. (1809-1811 '1811'). Fuci sive plantarum fucorum generi a botanicis ascriptarum icones descriptiones et historia. Fuci, or colored figures and descriptions of the plants referrred by botanists to the genus Fucus. Vol. III pp. [i], [1]-148 , [1-2], pl. 135-196 (col. copp. by W.J. Hooker and others). Londini [London]: typis J. M'Creery, impensis J. et A. Arch.

Londini [London]

Published in fascicles, dates of publication of which are controversial; a large-paper edition, limited to 25 copies, was issued. See Price (1982) on the complexity of publication of e.g. the Fuci. TL-2 knew of no copy in original wrappers. A further paper on the Fuci by Price was announced by him in 1984, but never appeared.


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