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Feldmann-Mazoyer, G., 1941 '1940'

Feldmann-Mazoyer, G. (1941 '1940'). Recherches sur les Céramiacées de la Mediterranée occidentale. pp. 1-510, errata 1-3, 191 figs, 4 pls [I-IV]. Alger: Imprimerie Minerva 5, Rue Clauzel.

Publication Date:
17 May 1941


The final, un-numbered page opposite p. 510 says "Achevé d'imprimer sur les presses de l'Imprimerie Minerva 5, Rue Clauzel, Alger, le 6 Juin 1940." TL-2 Suppl. VII notes that "The 'errata graviora' (p. 1) says that it was planned to defend this thesis Jun 1940 at the Université de Paris, but circumstances prevented and the actual date of defense was 17 Mai 1941 at the Universite d'Alger." The date of effective publication was therefore 17 May 1941.


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