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Doty, M.S. & Abbott, I.A., 1964

Doty, M.S. & Abbott, I.A. (1964). Studies in the Helminthocladiaceae, III. Liagoropsis. Pacific Science 18: 441-452, 18 figs, 2 tables.

In the first paper in this series of studies of the Helminthocladiaceae (Dory and Abbott, 1961 ), we have shown that, in two species of Helminthocladia from Hawaii, the female reproductive structures are generally similar to those described by other workers for other species in the genus, and that vegetative structures such as internal cortical rhizoids may be used to distinguish at least the Hawaiian species. In the second paper of this series (Abbott and Dory, 1960) a new genus, Trichogloeopsis, was described as containing three species, one new and two transfers from the genus Liagora. They share a major character in common, that of sterile rhizoidal extensions of the gonimoblast, but again the three species may be distinguished from each other by their vegetative structures.


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