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Pritchard, A., 1861

Pritchard, A. (1861). A history of infusoria, including the Desmidiaceae and Diatomaceae, British and foreign. Fourth edition enlarged and revised by J. T. Arlidge, M.B., B.A. Lond.; W. Archer, Esq.; J. Ralfs, M.R.C.S.L.; W. C. Williamson, Esq., F.R.S., and the author. pp. [1]-xii, [1]-968, 40 pls [I-XV]. London: Whittaker and Co..

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"In consequence of the long illness of Mr. Ralfs, who had undertaken the revision of the Bacillaria, the publication of this edition has been delayed, and that group has been printed last—a deviation from the original design which it is hoped will not inconvenience the reader, while it has allowed opportunity for the insertion of the latest researches. Owing to the circumstance stated above, the revision of the Systematic History of the Family or Subgroup Desmidiaceae has been kindly carried out by Mr. William Archer of Dublin, who has added some original views, expressing by symbols the characters of certain genera; moreover, M. de Brébisson of Falaise has given this edition the benefit of his valuable co-operation, by furnishing descriptions of the newly-discovered foreign species."


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