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Perestenko, L.P., 1996 '1994'

Perestenko, L.P. (1996 '1994'). Krasnye vodorosli dal'nevostochnykh more Rossii [Red algae of the far-eastern seas of Russia]. pp. 1-330[331], 60 pls. St. Petersburg: Rossiiskaia Akademiia Nauk, Botanichesk Institut im. V.L. Komarova [Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences] & OLGA, a private publishing company.

An unnumbered page at the end of the work includes Masakia bossiellae Kloszcova, nom. illeg. Dr O.N. Selivanova (e-mail 9 December 2009) writes that this work was actually published in 1996 by a private company "OLGA" after much difficulty. A date of 29.12.94 is given on the last page of the book.

Luisa Perestenko's treatise on the red algae of the Russian Far East is subdivided as follows: foreword (pp. 5-11); glossary (pp. 11-13); key to the genera (pp. 14-27); descriptions of 138 genera and 252 species (pp. 28-200), including keys to species; Latin diagnoses of new genera, species, and subspecific taxa (pp. 201-205); a general description of the Rhodophyta (pp. 206-207); an extensive biogeographical analysis of the red algal flora of the Russian Far East (pp. 207-243) with an English summary (pp. 243-247); an extensive bibliography (pp. 248-260); a taxonomic index (pp. 261-268); contents (pp. 269-270); and 60 plates of figures (pp. 271-330), including numerous line drawings and a few micrographs. Each genus, species, and subspecific taxon is fully described, and ecological notes and geographic distribution are given. Often a section 'primechanie' [remarks] contains additional morphological and ecological information and short discussions about differences from related taxa. The large majority of species are illustrated by clear, useful line drawings of macroscopic habit and microscopic detail. Porphyra and Clathromorphum species are illustrated by photomicrographs. Five new genera are described, Ionia, Reingardia, Lukinia, Irtugona, and Nienburgella; 20 new species and subspecific taxa are described in the genera Porphyra, Masudaphycus, Callophyllis, Peyssonnelia, Cruoria, Chondrus, Reingardia, Lukinia, Antithamnionella, Tokidadendron, Phycodrys, Odonthalia, Neorhodomela, and Rhodomela; and 19 new combinations are presented.

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