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Hartley, B. [in collaboration with Ross, R. & Williams, D.M.], 1986

Hartley, B. [in collaboration with Ross, R. & Williams, D.M.] (1986). A check-list of the freshwater, brackish and marine diatoms of the British Isles and adjoining coastal waters. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 66(3): 531-610.

Generally cited as "Hartley (1986)".

This is the first comprehensive check-list of the diatoms of the British Isles to cover all currently reported taxa from freshwater, brackish and marine habitats. It contains a classification of the genera in order of families, followed by a complete list of species and lower taxa set out in alphabetical order within each genus. The two main orders of the British Diatomaceae are respresented in: 5 sub-orders, 20 families, 3 sub-families, 152 genera, 1798 species, 6 sub-species, 745 varieties and 73 forms. The check-list also includes 2048 synonyms formerly in common use, together with 512 cross references to the names of taxa in current use.


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