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Anagnostidis, K., 2001

Anagnostidis, K. (2001). Nomenclatural changes in cyanoprokaryotic order Oscillatoriales. Preslia, Praha 73: 359-375.

The taxonomic criteria in Cyanoprokaryotes (cyanophytes = cyanobacteria) were changed considerably in last decades, respecting numerous new data derived mainly from modern electron-microscopic, ecological and molecular studies. The substantial revision of the cyanobacterial system was therefore necessary, and all names of revised taxa should be corrected in agreement with nomenclatural rules before the edition of all new monographs and manuals concerning this important group. The content of the present article is the correct and valid publication of nomenclatural transfers of specific and generic names for the second volume of Cyanoprokaryotes in the frame of the Süsswasserflora von Mitteleuropa (19/2, order Oscillatoriales), which is now prepared for press. The paper (including Appendix 1 by J. Komárek) contains 208 nomenclatural combinations, 17 new species, and description of 2 new genera of oscillatorialean cyanobacteria, as a result of a modern revision of the whole order. The species are arranged according to the recent phenotype system of cyanoprokaryotes (Cyanobacteria).

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