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Bolton, J.J., Oyieke, H.A. & Gwanda, P., 2007

Bolton, J.J., Oyieke, H.A. & Gwanda, P. (2007). The seaweeds of Kenya: checklist, history of seaweed study, coastal environment, and analysis of seaweed diversity and biogeography. South African Journal of Botany 73: 76-88.

The seaweeds of Kenya are relatively well documented in comparison with the marine floras of other countries in the Indian Ocean. A checklist is provided of the seaweeds recorded, which includes a total of 386 species (214 red algae, 116 green algae and 56 brown algae), plus an additional 19 infra-specific taxa. This is the first detailed list for almost 30 years, with a 29% increase in species compared to the previous listing. The history of seaweed study in Kenya and the Kenyan coastal environment as a habitat for seaweeds are discussed in detail. An ordination analysis of the global biogeographic relationships of the Kenyan seaweed flora shows clearly the internal consistency of the Indo-Pacific seaweed flora at this large scale. Data on Indian Ocean relationships show that the Kenyan flora produces a distinct grouping of seaweed floras from Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique and the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa, which is somewhat separated from the floras of the rest of the Indian Ocean. The data reveal that Mozambiquan seaweeds are seriously understudied, with only 26% of the Kenyan flora having been recorded in that country, compared with 68% in Tanzania, 41% in Madagascar, and 43% in South Africa.

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