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Selivanova, O.N., Zhigadlova, G.G. & Hansen, G.I., 2007

Selivanova, O.N., Zhigadlova, G.G. & Hansen, G.I. (2007). Revision of the systematics of algae in the order Laminariales (Phaeophyta) from the Far-Eastern Seas of Russia on the basis of molecular-phylogenetic data. Russian Journal of Marine Biology 33: 278-289.

Original Russian Text with the same authors O.N. Selivanova, G.G. Zhigadlova, G.I. Hansen, 2007, published in Biologiya Morya

An overview of the literature changes in the systematics of algae in the order Laminariales (Phaeophyta) based on molecular phylogentic data is given. In a recent taxonomic revision by Lane et al., [45], the number and status of the families traditionally included in the order have been revised. One family was transferred to the order Tilopteridales; a new family, the Costariaceae, was described; and the genus Laminaria was split into 2 genera, Laminaria and a newly resurrected genus Saccharina. These innovations have necessitated a systematic revision of the Far Eastern species of the Laminariales. Our genetic studies indicate that 2 species of Laminaria and 12 intraspecific taxa (1 subspecies and 11 forms) from the Russian Pacific coasts should be transferred to the genus Saccharina. The following new nomenclatural combinations are proposed: Saccharina bongardiana , comb. nov. (including 4 forms: f. bifurcata , f. subsessilis , f. subsimplex , f. taeniata ) and Saccharina gurjanovae , comb. nov. (including f. lanciformis ). In addition, new nomenclature combinations are proposed for intraspecific taxa of the Laminaria species ( L. angustata, L. cichorioides, L. japonica ) that have already been transferred to the genus Saccharina [45]. These include S. angustata subsp. sibirica , comb. nov., 4 new combinations for the forms of S. cichorioides (f. coriacea , f. sacchalinensis , f. sikotanensis , and f. sinuicola ), and 2 new combinations for the forms of S. japonica (f. diabolica , and f. longipes ). The taxonomic status of the rest of the members of the Laminariales known from the seas of the Russian Far East is discussed. Laminariaceous algae in this area represent 6 of the 8 known families currently included in the Laminariales (Chordaceae, Pseudochordaceae, Alariaceae, Arthrothamnaceae, Laminariaceae, and Costariaceae).

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