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Pantocsek, J., 1901 '1902'

Pantocsek, J. (1901 '1902'). A Balaton kovamoszatai vagy Bacillariái [The Lake Balaton diatoms or Bacillarieae]. In: A Balaton tudományos tanulmányozásának eredményei [The results of the scientific study of the Lake Balaton]. pp. 1-143, 17 pls. Budapest: Hornyánsky Könyvnyomdája.


"1902" on title page but 1901 in INA, and 1902 in CAS. TL-2 has the German version published in Vienna (1902) as No. 7292 and says "Also publihsed in Hungarian 1901" so we have adopted this (attached PDF) as the creditable source rather than the German version credited by CAS.

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