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Ballantine, D.L., Athanasiadis, A. & Ruiz, H., 2011

Ballantine, D.L., Athanasiadis, A. & Ruiz, H. (2011). Notes on the benthic marine algae of Puerto Rico. X. Additions to the flora. Botanica Marina 54(3): 293-302.

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One forma, Rhipocephalus phoenix f. longifolius, and 14 species of algae are newly reported from Puerto Rico. The latter include the rhodophytes Acrochaetium repens, Ceramium leptozonum, Callithamnion stuposum, Ceratodictyon intricatum, Hydrolithon chamaedoris, Kallymenia limminghei, Lithophyllum incrustans, Lithothamion ruptile, Mesophyllum ornatum, Polystrata fosliei, Ramicrusta textilis, the phaeophycean Dictyota stolonifera, plus the chlorophytes Halimeda pumila and Udotea unistratea. We also propose the new name Lithophyllum bathyporum, nom. nov. A. Athanasiadis et D.L. Ballantine to accommodate previous British and French records of Lithophyllum incrustans from northern Europe. The records of Lithophyllum incrustans and Dictyota stolonifera are the first confirmed reports for the western Atlantic. The report of Callithamnion stuposum is the first outside South Africa.

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