160,128 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 22,602 images, 62,228 bibliographic items, 471,446 distributional records.

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Klochkova, N.G., Korolyova, T.N. & Kusidi, A.E., 2009

Klochkova, N.G., Korolyova, T.N. & Kusidi, A.E. (2009). [Atlas of algae-macrophytes Kamchatka waters. Vol 1. Green algae and brown algae]. pp. 1-216. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: KamchatNIRO Press. [in Russian]

The book gives descriptions and color illustrations of appearance and habitat of 32 species of green algae and 58 species of brown algae, common along the coasts of Kamchatka and northern Kuril and Commander Islands. Description of the types is preceded by general characteristics of departments, including information on taxonomy, anatomy, morphology, and reproduction of their representatives. In species diagnoses are morphological characteristics indicate the variation of sizes and colors thalli, where necessary, discuss the anatomical and other characteristics that distinguish the species from close to him in the morphological and taxonomic relationships of species. They also give detailed information on the ecology, distribution, seasonal development of algal phytocenotic role and response to anthropogenic pollution. Distribution of species described from the coast of Kamchatka and adjacent areas, possible areas of practical applications. The last two chapters of the book contain information about fishing in Kamchatka waters of laminaria, their use in medicine and human health effects. The publication is intended for marine Algology, hydrobiology, graduate students, university teachers, as well as for professionals involved in environmental protection and exploitation of marine plant resources.

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