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Täuscher, L., 2011

Täuscher, L. (2011). Checklisten und Gefährdungsgrade der Algen des Landes Brandenburg I. Einleitender Überblick, Checklisten und Gefährdungsgrade der Cyanobacteria/Cyanophyta, Rhodophyta und Phaeophyceae/Fucophyceae. Verhandlungen des Botanischen Vereins von Berlin und Brandenburg 144: 177-192.

A bibliographical review about the investigations of algal flora is given in 360 publications, in 51 diploma theses, dissertations and in 80 reports / studies (unpublished grey literature). 110 years of investigations of algal settlement of the waters in the federal state Brandenburg are a good basis for checklists of the algae. Planktic and benthic algae as biological quality components are important for the monitoring of lakes and running waters according to the European Water Framework Directive. A definition and a review of the algae is given. In the first part for the checklists 131 cyanobacteria / blue-green algae, 8 red algae and two brown algae were found. Important remarks on the recent occurrence of endangered algal taxa in the federal state Brandenburg are made. Some species are good indicators for the characterisation of the ecological status of the waters.

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