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West, J.A., Loiseaux de Goër, S. & Zuccarello, G.C., 2012

West, J.A., Loiseaux de Goër, S. & Zuccarello, G.C. (2012). Upright Erythropeltidales (Rhodophyta) in Brittany, France and description of a new species, Erythrotrichia longistipitata. Cahiers de Biologie Marine 53: 255-270.

The Erythropeltidales are a ubiquitous group of red algae in the class Compsopogonophyceae. While their presence in the wild is often evident their taxonomy is frequently problematic. We approached the diversity of the group in northern Brittany, France by establishing unialgal cultures to find consistent characters and molecular methods to support the taxonomic conclusions. Erythrotrichia longistipitata sp. nov. is distinguished from other Erythrotrichia species by the elongate basal cell of erect filaments that is about 1.5-2.0 times longer than other intercalary cells. this species is molecularly distinct from all other genetic lineages of Erythrotrichia we have investigated. Erythrotrichia welwitschii is considered an obligate epiphyte of Ralfsia in the field, but in culture it grows well on glass. Monospores have bipolar germination, forming a lobed basal cell and an upper cell that becomes an upright filament. the basal cell in E. welwitschii becomes a multicellular disc from which secondary erect filaments can arise. Porphyrostromium boryanum has flat monostromatic upright blades and probable spermatia, carpogonia, and syngamy were observed. the complete sexual life history was not observed. Porphyrostromium ciliare with uniseriate and terete multiseriate upright shoots also produced probable spermatia and carpogonia but again the complete sexual life history was not observed. observations of sex in the erythropeltidales have never been completely resolved with the site of meiosis and the ploidy of various stages never fully explained.

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