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Wei Yinxin [Wei, Y.X.], 2003

Wei Yinxin [Wei, Y.X.] (2003). Flora algarum sinicarum aquae dulcis, Tomus VII. Chlorophyta Zygnematales Mesotaeniaceae Demidiales Desmidiaceae Sectio I. pp. 1-267, pls I-LII [1-52]. Beijing: Science Press. [in Chinese]

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Language:Chinese with English summary Author:Wei Yinxin Publication date:2003 Size:180x260mm Number of Pages:200 pages + 52 plates Binding:Hardcover US$38.00 ISBN: 7-03-011416-7 http://www.hceis.com/product/index/Byroflora%20&%20Algae/flora%20algarum%20sinicarum%20aquae%20dulcis%20volII.htm

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