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Nasr, A.H., 1941

Nasr, A.H. (1941). Some new and little known algae from the Red Sea. Revue Algologique 12(1-2): [57]-76, 16 figs, pl. 2. [in English]

Most of the pdf is scanned from a reprint with pagination different from that of the article in the original issue: see details in following. In the original issue, p. [56] is the blank reverse of p. 55. Plate 2 is positioned between pp. [56] and [57], and with the image facing p. [57]. Plate 2 is referred to as "Pl. I" in the article [p. 9 (reprint) or p. 65 (original issue)]. Specimens were collected at the University of Egypt's Biological Station at Gharaqa (aka: Hurghada, Hurg-hada). The current pdf (serial no. 5123b, uploaded on 221204) is a modified copy of the previous pdf (scanned from a photocopy of a reprint that is paginated pp. [1]-20) with the following changes: 1) most of the pages were cropped to equalize page size, 2) a high-resolution image of pl. 2 was inserted before the previous version of pl. 2 (in the pdf, both versions of pl. 2 are after the end of the text), and 3) the issue table of contents was added as the last page in the pdf. Regarding pl. 2: The new pdf includes two renderings of pl. 2: The first is a high-resolution low-contrast image that was newly added. It was scanned from an original copy of the plate and it faithfully reproduces the resolution of the original plate (which is not very high). Consistent with the original, magnification of this image reveals hints but not confirmation of tetrahedral sporangia in a few places (lower photograph). In this image, the lower photograph is missing the designation "b)". The second rendering (= the earlier image of the plate which was scanned from a photocopy of the reprint) is very high contrast which obscures much of the detail. Note that the designation "b)" in the lower photograph is present, so this omission must have been corrected when the reprints were produced. the second image was retained because it more clearly shows the branching pattern. Bibliographic information (issue table of contents) is the last page in the pdf.


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