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Nielsen, R. & McLachlan, J., 1986

Nielsen, R. & McLachlan, J. (1986). The genus Pringsheimiella (Chlorophyta) including P. sanctae-luciae sp. nov. Nordic Journal of Botany 5: 511-515, 12 figs, 1 table.

In re-assessing the genus Pringsheimiella, seven species are referred to this taxon. These are: P. scutata (Reinke) Marchewianka, the type species of the genus; P. gratulans (Weber-van Bosse) Nielsen & McLachlan comb. nov, renamed from Ochlo-chaete gratulans Weber-van Bosse; P. udoteae (Børgesen) Schmidt & Petrak; P. con-chyliophila Feldmann; P. crenulata (Lami) Nielsen & McLachlan comb. nov., renamed from Ulvella crenulata Lami; P. mauritiana Børgesen, which may be synonymous with P. crenulata but requires further study; and P. sanctae-luciae sp. nov.


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