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Wynne, M.J. & Furnari, G., 2014

Wynne, M.J. & Furnari, G. (2014). A census of J.P.L. [sic] Dangeard's invalid taxa with proposals to resolve the nomenclatural problems of some of them. Nova Hedwigia 98(3-4): 515-517.

Attention is called to the failure of P.J.L.Dangeard to designate Types for essentially all of his new algal taxa proposed after 1957. Designation of Types was a requirement of the Melbourne Code starting 1 Jan., 1958. So the numerous names of both genera and species are invalid. Some of Dangeards species were later transferred to other genera or became the purported types of new genera, but all of these subsequent names were also invalid, as were any proposed new species assigned to Dangeards invalid generic names. The names Neostromatella gen. nov. and N. monostromatica sp. nov. are proposed, replacing the invalid names Stromatella Kornmann & Sahling and Ulvella monostromatica P.J.L.Dangeard. We also propose the name Umbraulva dangeardii sp. nov. [= Ulva olivascens J.P.L.Dangeard nom. inval. and Umbraulva olivascens (P.J.L.Dangeard) G.Furnari nom. inval.]. The names Neodangemannia gen. nov. and N. microcystis are proposed, replacing the invalid names Dangemannia and D. microcystis, based on Ulvella microcystis P.J.L.Dangeard nom. inval. These are "first steps" in resolving the many nomenclatural problems left by Dangeards failure to designate type specimens.

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