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Evseeva, N.V., 2019

Evseeva, N.V. (2019). Raspredeleniye vodoroslei poryadka Laminariales v pribrezhnoi zone yuzhnykh Kurilskikh Ostrovov [Algae distribution of the order of Laminariales in the coastal zone of the southern Kuril Islands]. Vegetable Resources 55(1): 5-22, 6 figs, 2 tables. [in Russian]

The distribution of Laminariales along the sublittoral zone of the southern Kurile Islands was shown according to 1990–2015 research data. In the study area the order was represented by 5 families, 5 genera and 19 species. Saccharina genus was represented by 7 species. The greatest Laminariales diversity – 16 species, was found near Iturup Island. 11 kelp species of were found around the Lesser Kuril Ridge islands to the south of Shikotan, and 10 species – in the sublittoral zones of Kunashir and Shikotan Islands. The features of horizontal and vertical distribution of the species in the sublittoral zone were described. The most productive of the study region, was the area of the Lesser Kuril Ridge south of Shiko- tan, with the kelp stock of 900.8 thousand tons, and the least productive – area of Shikotan Island with the kelp stock of 42.7 thousand tons. The total stock of Laminariales in the sublittoral zone of the southern Kuril Islands was more than 1.3 million tons.

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