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Berezovska, V.Y., 2016

Berezovska, V.Y. (2016). Peculariaties of the species composition of revervoirs arboretum "Alexandria". Scientific Issue Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University Series: Biology 2016(3/4): , 12 figs, 2 tables. [in Ukrainian]

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Arboretum "Alexandria" is located in Kyiv region, on the territory of the second floodplain terraces of the Ross river and encompasses an area of 405.8 hectares. The phytoplankton species composition of the reservoirs Arboretum "Alexandria" was investigated. 164 species (171 infraspecific taxa) were revealed, which belonging to 9 divisions, 15 classes, 33 orders, 55 families and 93 genera. The largest diversity of algae are presented by the following divisions: Chlorophyta - 60 species (67 infr. taxa) or 39 % and 18 Bacillariophyta - 47 (48 infr. taxa), or 28.07 %. A significant proportion of species diversity in shaping as Euglenophyta (19) -11.11 % and Cyanoprokaryota (17) -9.94 %, which may indicate the increased level of reservoir’s trophicity. The analysis of the systematic structure was defined as well as algae dominant complexes and leading genera in reservoirs was studied. The distribution of the species diversity of algae and their frequency of occurrence in fish farms ponds, girders ponds and plyos of the Ross river were established. 5 rare algae species for Ukrainian flora were discovered: (Acutodesmus javanensis (Chodat) P. Tsarenko, Acutodesmus regularis (Svirenko) P. Tsarenko, Scenedesmus bacillaris Gutw., Centritractus africanus F.E.Fritsch et M.F.Rich, Thalassiosira faurii (Gasse) Hasle), and registered. The species, which is new for Ukraine is Anabaenopsis circularis (G.S.West) Wo?osz. et V.V. Mill. In the article author used original illustrations and SEM photographs.

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