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Komarek, J. & Komarkova, J., 2006

Komarek, J. & Komarkova, J. (2006). Diversity of Aphanizomenon-like cyanobacteria. Fottea 6(1): 1-32.

The cyanobacterial filamentous, heterocytous and planktic genus Aphanizomenon is heterogeneous according to both, molecular and morphological criteria. Using combined "polyphasic" method for evaluation of its natural diversity, the close genetic relation to planktic Anabaena was recognised. However, the different clusters within the genus Aphanizomenon are separated one from another as well as similar subclusters of planktic Anabaena (cf. literature cited). The subclusters are well characterised also according to phenotype markers. In the present review the diversity of the traditional genus Aphanizomenon according to recent state of knowledge is demonstrated. The form-genera Aphanizomenon sensu stricto (type-species Aph. flos-aquae) and Cuspidothrix (type-species C. issatschenkoi) are reviewed in more detail.

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