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Lithothamnion glaciale Kjellman 1883

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Corallinophycidae
Order Corallinales
Family Lithothamniaceae
Tribe Lithothamnieae
Genus Lithothamnion


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Lithothamnion glaciale Kjellman
Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada. Colin Bates (colinba@interchange.ubc.ca). © Coastal Imageworks (colinba@interchange.ubc.ca).

Lithothamnion glaciale Kjellman
Black Rock near Whitechurch on Millisle - Ballywalter Road. Grid J63-70-. Semi-exposed rocks at low-littoral; central growth with raised knobs; on rock with Lithophyllum incrustans bottom left with raised edges, and, extreme right Phymatolithon . 25 Jun 1985. Osborne Morton. © Osborne Morton (osborne.morton@hotmail.co.uk).

Lithothamnion glaciale Kjellman
Arisaig, Scotland. Natura 2000 Special Area of Conservation; maerl form; 10 m depth;. Jason Hall-Spenser. © Jason Hall-Spenser.

Lithothamnion glaciale Kjellman
Newfoundland; subtidal rhodolith 92 mm across. Michael Guiry. © Michael Guiry (mike.guiry@nuigalway.ie).


Lithothamnion glaciale Kjellman Black Rock near Whitechurch on Millisle - Ballywalter Road. Grid J63-70-. Semi-exposed rocks at low-littoral; central growth with raised knobs; on rock with Lithophyllum incrustans bottom left with raised edges, and, extreme right Phymatolithon
© Osborne Morton (osborne.morton@hotmail.co.uk)

Publication details
Lithothamnion glaciale Kjellman 1883: 123, pls 2, 3

Published in: Kjellman, F.R. (1883). Norra Ishafvets algflora [Northern Arctic Ocean algalflora]. Vega-expeditionens Vetenskapliga Iakttagelser 3: 1-431, pls 1-31.
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Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Lithothamnion is Lithothamnion muelleri Lenormand ex Rosanoff.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Origin of species name
Adjective B icy, frozen, or glacial; also meaning, growing in icy-cold regions.

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Lithothamnion colliculosum Foslie 1891
Lithothamnion boreale Foslie 1891
Lithothamnion roseum Batters 1893
Lithothamnion colliculosum f. roseum (Batters) Foslie 1895
Lithothamnion glaciale f. typicum Foslie 1895
Lithothamnion battersii Foslie 1896
Lithothamnion glaciale f. subsimplex Foslie 1905
Lithothamnion glaciale f. boreale (Foslie) Foslie 1909
Phymatolithon polymorphum f. battersii (Foslie) Heydrich 1911
Eleutherospora polymorpha f. battersii (Foslie) Heydrich 1911

General environment
This is a marine species.

Bright pink to purplish, minutely white-speckled calcareous crust, becoming very thick, usually with abundant regular or irregular branches, free or attached to substratum

On rock, pebbles, shells or free-living, lower intertidal (north-east coasts) and subtidal to deeper waters, abundant in Scotland, rarer and deeper on western coasts of British Isles.

Type information
Syntype localities: Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea, Barents Sea, Baffinsbay, American Arctic Ocean (Index Nominum Algarum). Lectotype: Kjellman No. 241; UPS (Chamberlain & Irvine 1994: 183). Notes: See Woelkering et al. (2005: 291): "The provisional typification of Adey (1970a: 228) is not in accord with ICBN Art. 7.11 and thus cannot be accepted. The designation by Chamberlain & Irvine (1994b: 183) is definite (and thus in accord with Art. 7.11) even though reference is made to the provisional typification of Adey. Chamberlain & Irvine (1994b: 183), however, explicitly state that they have not seen the lectotype."

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Key references
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Schoenrock, K.M., Bacquet, M., Pearce, D., Rea, B.R., Schofield, J.E., Lea, J., Mair, D. & Kamenos, N. (2018). Influences of salinity on the physiology and distribution of the Arctic coralline algae, Lithothamnion glaciale (Corallinales, Rhodophyta). Journal of Phycology 54(5): 690-702.

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