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Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne 1847

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Rhodymeniophycidae
Order Peyssonneliales
Family Peyssonneliaceae
Genus Peyssonnelia


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Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne
Tanzania. Katrin Østerlund. © Katrin Oesterlund (Katrin.Osterlund@uadm.uu.se).

Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne
KwaZulu-Natal. Frederic Leliaert. © Frederik Leliaert (Frederik.Leliaert@ugent.be).

Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne
South Africa. Robert Anderson. © Robert Anderson (Robert.Anderson@uct.ac.za).

Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne
Rottnest Island, Western Australia.. John Huisman. © John Huisman (j.huisman@murdoch.edu.au).

Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne
"Steps", Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia; - 1m in a shallow undercut. 04 Feb 2006. Kyatt Dixon (kyattdixon@gmail.com). © Kyatt Dixon (kyattdixon@gmail.com).


Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne South Africa
© Robert Anderson (Robert.Anderson@uct.ac.za)

Publication details
Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne 1847: 177

Published in: Montagne, C. (1847). Enumeratio fungorum quos a cl. Drège in Africa meridionali collectos et in herbario Miqueliano servatos descriptionibus nonnullis illustravit. Appendice. Description d'une nouvelle forme de fruit du genre Peyssonnelia Dne suivie de quelques considérations sur les némathécies.. Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Botanique, Troisième Série 7: 166-181.
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Type species
The type species (lectotype) of the genus Peyssonnelia is Peyssonnelia squamaria (S.G.Gmelin) Decaisne ex J.Agardh.

Status of name
This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Sonderophycus capensis (Montagne) M.J.Wynne

Origin of species name
Adjective B (Latin), pertaining to the Cape, usually the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

No synonyms are currently included in AlgaeBase.

Taxonomic notes
According to Papenfuss (1968b: 275-276), the name Peyssionnelia squamaria has been misapplied to this species by Krauss (1846: 209); Barton (1893: 142; 1896: 197)

General environment
This is a marine species.

A common species, from low tide level (in shaded situations) to 38 m deep (Womersley 1994: 157).

Type information
Type locality: Durban, South Africa (Silva & al. 1996: 210). Type: Drège; Herb. Montagne, PC (Womersley 1994: 155). Notes: This type locality was first recorded by Papenfuss (1952: 175) (Silva et al., 1996). According to Womersley (1994:155) the type material was collected at Port Natal, S. Africa.

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Kang, S.-J., Lee, J.W., Lee, W.J., Oh, Y.S. & Lee, H.-B. (2006). Taxonomic characteristics of Peyssonnelia capensis Montagne (Peyssonneliaceae, Rhodophyta) from Jeju Island in Korea. Algae 21(2): 209-216, 4 figs, 3 tables. [in Korean]
Palminha, F. (1969). Observations sur Peyssonnelia capensis Mont. dans la côte de l'Angola. Proceedings of the International Seaweed Symposium 6: 297-301. [in French]

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