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Fucus evanescens C.Agardh 1820

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Ochrophyta
Class Phaeophyceae
Subclass Fucophycidae
Order Fucales
Family Fucaceae
Genus Fucus


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Fucus evanescens C.Agardh
Habit. Photo kindly given by M.V. Sukhoveeva (plant collected in the Okhotsk Sea, Russia).. 09 Mar 2012. Eduard and Tamara Titlyanova. © Eduard and Tamara Titlyanova (etitlyanov@mail.ru).

Fucus evanescens C.Agardh
Northern California. 08 Mar 2011. Wendell Wood (ww@oregonwild.org). © Wendell Wood (ww@oregonwild.org).

Fucus evanescens C.Agardh
Northern California. 08 Mar 2011. Wendell Wood (ww@oregonwild.org). © Wendell Wood (ww@oregonwild.org).

Fucus evanescens C.Agardh
Glücksburg (near Flensburg), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Baltic Sea, 1.5m depth. 27 Dec 2004. Dirk Schories. © Dirk Schories (dirk.schories@gmx.de).


Cryptopleura crispata (J.D.Hooker & Harvey) Kützing

Fucus evanescens C.Agardh Habit. Photo kindly given by M.V. Sukhoveeva (plant collected in the Okhotsk Sea, Russia).
© Eduard and Tamara Titlyanova (etitlyanov@mail.ru)

Publication details
Fucus evanescens C.Agardh 1820: 92

Published in: Agardh, C.A. (1820 '1821'). Species algarum rite cognitae, cum synonymis, differentiis specificis et descriptionibus succinctis. Volumen primum. Pars prima. pp. [i-iv], [1]-168. Lundae [Lund]: ex officina Berlingiana.
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Publication date: probably Jan-April 1820

Type species
The type species (lectotype) of the genus Fucus is Fucus vesiculosus Linnaeus.

Status of name
This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Fucus distichus subsp. evanescens (C.Agardh) H.T.Powell

Type information
Syntype localities: Ad Sachalien, Tilesius ; ad Kamtschatka, Chamisso; unde specimina communicaverunt. (Agardh 1820: 219). Lectotype: Agardh’s (1820, pl. 13) illustration (epitype) (Powell 1957 Notes: Wynne (2010: 40) writes" Fucus evanescens was first described by C.Agardh (1820) based on a pair of syntype collections, one made by Tilesius at Sakhalin while on the 'Nadesda', the voyage of 1803–1806 under the command of Adam Krusenstern, and the second collection made at Kamchatka by Chamisso on the later Romanzof Expedition of 1815–1818 under the command of Otto von Kotzebue (Wynne 2009b). The following year, (C.Agardh 1821, pl. XIII) depicted the Kamchatkan specimen collected by Chamisso. Gardner (1922, pl. I, fig. 2) reproduced C. Agardh’s (1821) pl. XIII. Gardner (1922: 52) stated that Setchell examined the type specimen of F. evanescens, No. 00299 in the Agardh Herbarium in Lund. Rice & Chapman (1985) examined that specimen and concluded that it "bears little resemblance to C.Agardh’s illustration (1821) and therefore is not a suitable lectotype." They concurred with Powell’s (1957) earlier designation of the type of F. evanescens as C.Agardh’s illustration (1821, pl. XIII)."

Origin of species name
Participle (Latin), vanishing, passing away, quickly disappearing or fadin, lasing only a short time (Stearn 1985).

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Fucus vesiculosus var. inflatus (Linnaeus) C.Agardh 1810
Fucus edentatus f. angustior Bachelot Pylaie 1829
Fucus microphyllus Bachelot Pylaie 1829
Fucus bursigerus J.Agardh 1868
Fucus evanescens f. angustus Kjellman 1877
Fucus evanescens f. bersigerus (J.Agardh) Kjellman 1877
Fucus evanescens f. nanus Kjellman 1877
Fucus evanescens f. pergrandis Kjellman 1877
Fucus evanescens f. bursigerus (J.Agardh) Kjellman 1877
Fucus evanescens f. typicus Kjellman 1877
Fucus edentatus f. contractus Kjellman 1883
Fucus evanescens f. norvegicus Strömfelt 1886
Fucus evanescens f. arcticus Strömfelt 1886
Fucus evanescens f. dendroides Strömfelt 1886
Fucus evanescens f. contractrus Kjellman 1889
Fucus evanescens f. cornutus Kjellman 1889
Fucus evanescens f. macrocephalus Kjellman 1889
Fucus evanescens f. rudis Kjellman 1889
Fucus inflatus var. finmarkicus Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. densus Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. dilutus Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. humilis Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. latifrons Foslie 1890
Fucus inflatus var. nordlandicus Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. pygmaeus Foslie 1890
Fucus inflatus f. reductus Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. nanus Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. gracilis Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus f. principalis Kjellman 1890
Fucus inflatus var. edentatus (Bachelot Pylaie) Rosenvinge 1893
Fucus inflatus f. membranaceus Rosenvinge 1898
Fucus inflatus f. edentatus (Bachelot Pylaie) Børgesen 1902
Fucus inflatus f. expositus Jónsson 1903
Fucus inflatus f. murmanicus E.S.Sinova 1914
Fucus evanescens f. magnificus N.L.Gardner 1922
Fucus distichus f. latifrons (Foslie) Petrov 1965

Taxonomic notes
The single specimen attributed to this taxon in LD, Agardh No 00299, bears little resemblance to C.Agardh’'s illustration... and therefore is not a suitable lectotype (Rice & Chapman, 1985). Guiry (1997) suggests consulting Rice & Chapman (1985).

Distributional notes
Usage of this name for North Atlantic plants is doubtful; see note in Athanasiadis (1996: 219).

Habitat notes
Mass species in the intertidal zone (Selivanova & Zhigadlova 2009). - (7 May 2010) - Wendy Guiry

General environment
This is a marine species.

Common names

(as Fucus evanescens C.Agardh)
Japanese: Hibatsunomata (Tokida 1954), Hibamata (Arasaki & Arasaki 1983).

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Source of current name
Powell, H.T. (1957). Studies in the genus Fucus L. I. Fucus distichus L. emend. Powell. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 36: 407-432, pls. I-II.

Key references
Agardh, C.A. (1821). Icones algarum ineditae fasciculus secundus. pp. [i-iv], pls XI-XX. Holmiae [Stockholm]: ex Officina Ecksteiniana, sumtibus auctoris.

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