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Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory 1826

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Viridiplantae
Infrakingdom Chlorophyta infrakingdom
Phylum Chlorophyta
Subphylum Chlorophytina
Class Chlorophyceae
Order Chlamydomonadales
Family Volvocaceae
Genus Pandorina


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Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Daughter coenobia. Pitsford Water SSSI, Northamptonshire, UK.. 27 Mar 2010. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Non-motile resting stage, Pitsford Water SSSI, Northamptonshire, UK. BF.. 27 Mar 2010. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Resting stage. Pitsford Water SSSI, Northamptonshire, UK. BF.. 27 Mar 2010. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Pitsford Water SSSI, Northamptonshire, UK. BF Image.. 27 Mar 2010. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Pitsford Water SSSI, Northamptonshire, UK. BF image.. 27 Mar 2010. © C.F.Carter (chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk.com).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; pond, Lugol's, 1000x, DIC. 20 Mar 2010. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Seattle, Washington, USA; golf course, 1000x, DIC. 02 Aug 2008. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Kingston, Washington, USA; golf course, 400x, DIC. 03 May 2008. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory
Seattle, Washington, USA; golf course, 1000x, DIC. 02 Aug 2008. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).


Microcoelia polymorpha var. kowiensis Holmes

Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; pond, Lugol's, 1000x, DIC
© Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net)

Publication details
Pandorina morum (O.F.Müller) Bory 1826: 22 (as 'mora' )

Published in: Bory de Saint-Vincent, [J.B.G.M.] (1826). Essai d'une classification des animaux microscopiques. pp. [i]-x, [1]-104. Paris: de l'imprimerie de de Mme Veuve Agasse.
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Type species
This is the type species (lectotype) of the genus Pandorina.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Volvox morum O.F.Müller

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Volvox morum O.F.Müller 1786

Nomenclatural notes
There is some uncertainty as to the nature of the specific epithet. According to Cassell's Latin Dictionary "morum" is a neuter noun, meaning a mulberry or blackberry fruit, whilst "morus", a feminine noun, is a blackberry tree. The adjective "morus, mora, morum" means silly or foolish. Accordingly, it seems clear that O.F. Müller found this mulberry- or, more likely, blackberry-like "Volvox" and called it Volvox morum using "morum" as a noun in apposition [otherwise he would have used morus if it were an adjective as Volvox is masculine], but Bory, when he transferred the entity to Pandorina, erroneously altered this to Pandorina mora, and the epithet should therefore be corrected to Pandorina morum. O.F.Müller would not be likely to name his "Volvox" after a tree (and would have used "morus"), and certainly would not have used the adjectival "morus" thinking his lovely microscopic "animal" was silly or foolish. - (31 Mar 2011) - M.D. Guiry

General environment
This is a freshwater species.

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