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Species References

Lithothamnion corallioides (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) P.Crouan & H.Crouan

(Please note: only references with the binomials in the title are included. The information is from the Literature database.)

Hall-Spencer, J.M. (1995). Lithothamnion corallioides (P. & H. Crouan) P. & H. Crouan may not extend into Scottish waters. Coralline News 20: 1-3.
Hamberg, M., Gerwick, W.H. & Åsen, P.A. (1992). Linoleic acid metabolism in the red alga Lithothamnion corallioides - biosynthesis of 11(R)-Hydroxy-9(Z), 12(Z)-octadecadienoic acid. Lipids 27(7): 487-493.
Mendoza, M.L. & Cabioch, J. (1998). Étude comparée de la reproduction de Phymatolithon calcareum (Pallas) Adey & McKibbin et Lithothamnion corallioides (P. & H. Crouan) P. & H. Crouan (Corallinales, Rhodophyta), et reconsidérations sur la définition des genres. Canadian Journal of Botany 76(8): 1433-1445.
Noisette, F., Duong, G., Six, C., Davoult, D. & Martin, S. (2013). Effects of elevated pCO2 on the metabolism of a temperate rhodolith Lithothamnion corallioides grown under different temperatures. Journal of Phycology 49(4): 746-757.
Peña, V. & Bárbara, I. (2004). Diferenciación morfológica y anatómica entre Lithothamnion corallioides y Phymatolithon calcareum (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) en dos bancos de maërl de la Ría de Arousa (N.O. Península Ibérica). Anales de Biología 26: 21-27.
Potin, P., Floc'h, J. Y., Augris, C. & Cabioch, J. (1990). Annual growth rate of the calcareous red alga Lithothamnion corallioides (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) in the Bay of Brest, France. Proceedings of the International Seaweed Symposium 13: 263-267.

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