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Species References

Leptophytum laeve Adey

(Please note: only references with the binomials in the title are included. The information is from the Literature database.)

Adey, W.H., Athanasiadis, A. & Lebednik, P.A. (2001). Re-instatement of Leptophytum and its type Leptophytum laeve: taxonomy and biogeography of the genera Leptophytum and Phymatolithon (Corallinales, Rhodophyta). European Journal of Phycology 36: 191-204.
Athanasiadis, A. (2016). Leptophytum flavescens comb. nov. (Corallinales, Rhodophyta), an Arctic endemic from the sublittoral of NW Spitsbergen, North Norway, and western Novaya Zemlya, with epitypification of L. laeve. Marine Biology Research 12(5): 551-558.
Chamberlain, Y.M. (1990). The genus Leptophytum (Rhodophyta, Corallinaceae) in the British Isles with descriptions of Leptophytum bornetii, L. elatum sp. nov and L. laeve. British Phycological Journal 25: 179-199.

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