144,393 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 18,770 images, 54,608 bibliographic items, 318,552 distributional records.

Funding and contributors

This project was initially funded by the Irish Higher Education Authority's Programme for Research in Third-level Institutions, Cycles 2, 3 and 4 from 2000-2005, and from 2007-2010.

Funding was also received from the European Union's MAST programme for the European Register of Marine Species. The Ryan Institute and the National University of Ireland, Galway have also contributed extensively with facilities and communications.

AlgaeBase has also played a major part in the SeaweedAfrica project funded by the European Union via INCO-DEV.

We are particularly grateful to the numerous people who have helped us in this endeavour or contacted us with moral support, pictures, information, comments and suggestions including:

Dr A. Athanasiadis, Dr R. Andersen, Dr R.A. Anderson, Prof. D.L. Ballantine, Dr I. Bárbara, Dr R. Barrone, Professor J.J. Bolton, Prof. J. Brodie, Mr F. Bunker, Mr K. Bruun, Dr R. Cowan, Dr A.T. Critchley, Mr Chris Carter, Mr Weliton da Silva, Dr D.A. Davydov, Dr B. De Reviers, Prof. T.J. Entwisle, Dr R. Froese, Prof. G. Furnari, Dr P. W. Gabrielson, Prof. D.J. Garbary, Dr S. Heesch, Dr J.M. Huisman, Mrs L.M. Irvine, Prof. D.M. John, Dr D.A. Kapustin, Dr and Mrs G.T. Kraft, Prof. F. Kuepper, Dr F. Leliaert, Dr A. Langangen, Dr R. Lavigne, Drs Diane and Mark Littler, Dr K. Mertens, Dr R.L. Moe, Mr O. Morton, Dr Takashi Nakada, Professor W. Nelson, Dr E.N. Patova, Prof. W.F. Prud'homme van Reine, Dr O. Reymond, Dr R. Searles, Dr C.W. Schneider, Dr F. Rindi, Prof. G.W. Saunders, Dr A. Scharfetter, Dr E. Serrão, Dr F.A.S. Sterrenburg, Prof. T.E. Smith, Prof. J.A. West, Dr T.B. Widdowson, Prof. Wm. J. Woelkerling, Prof. M.J. Wynne, and Dr A. Zingone.

Large numbers of quality images were provided by Dr Rob Anderson (South Africa), Prof. Ignacio Bárbara (Spain), Dr Karl Bruun (Washington State, USA), Chris Carter (UK), Dr John Huisman (Australia), Drs Diane and Mark Littler (Washington, DC, USA), Mr Hideo Ohba (Japan), and Mr Wendell Wood (California, USA).

Genus descriptions and information on individual genera were provided by:

Dr M.C. Amspoker, Dr I. Bartsch, Dr C. Billard, Prof. J.J. Bolton, Dr B. Booth, Dr M. Buchheim, Prof. R.L. Chapman, Prof. M. Chihara, Prof. M.N. Clayton, Dr A. Comas, Prof. P. Compère, Prof. E. Coppejans, Prof. A. Couté, Dr D.B. Czarnecki, Åsa Dalsätt, Dr T.R. Deason, Dr G.E. Dillard, Dr S.C. Ducker (deceased), Dr M. Elbrächter, Prof. T.J. Entwisle, Dr E. Firpo, Dr V. Fletchner, Dr I.M. Franceschini, Prof. T. Friedl, Prof. D.J. Garbary, Dr J.F. Gerrath, Dr L.E. Graham, Prof. P. Hargraves, Dr T. Harper, Dr M.W. Hawkes, Prof. E. Hegewald, Dr E.C. Henry, Dr D.R.A. Hill, Dr L. Hillis, Dr F. Hindák, Dr L.R. Hoffman, Dr R.W. Hoshaw, Dr J.M. Huisman, Dr I. Izaguirre, Dr H.W. Joahnsen, Dr J.R. Johansen, Dr S. Jónsson, Dr T. Kalina, Prof. H. Kawai, Prof. R.J. King, Prof. J. Komárek, Dr G.T. Kraft, Dr J. Kristiansen, Dr P. Kugrens (deceased), M. Robert Lavigne, Dr G.F. Leedale, Dr C. Cardinal-Legrand, Dr J.A. Lewis, Dr T. Leya, Dr L.B. Liddle, Dr S.C. Lindstrom, Dr G.M. Lokhorst, Dr R.M. McCourt, Dr R.L. Moe, Prof. Ø. Moestrup, Dr R. Nielsen, Dr R.E. Norris, Dr H. Nozaki, Prof. J.L. Olsen, Dr P.M. Pedersen, Dr A.F. Peters, Dr J.A. Philips, Dr H. Pizarro, Prof. H.R. Preisig, Dr C.M. Pueschel, Dr M. Puncochárová Dr K. Renzaglia, Dr O.L. Reymond, Dr C. Sancetta, Prof. B. Santelices, Dr C.W. Schneider, Dr R.B. Searles, Dr R.G. Sheath, Dr P.C. Silva, Dr G.R. South, Dr H. Stegenga, Dr M.J. Sullivan, Dr C. Tanner, Dr G. Tell, Dr Y. Thérézien, Dr J. Throndsen, Dr T.B. Widdowson, Prof. Wm. J. Woelkerling, and Dr E.M. Wollaston.

Genus descriptions for the Chrysophyta were published in J. Kristiansen & H. R. Preisig (eds.): Encyclopedia of Chrysophyte Genera. - Bibliotheca Phycologica 110: 1-260. 2001.

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