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Luknitskaya, A.F., 2014

Luknitskaya, A.F. (2014). To the flora of Conjugates (Streptophyta, Conjugatophyceae) of the Valdai District area of the National Park «Valdaiskiy» (Novgorod Region, Russia). Novosti Sistematiki Nizshikh Rastenii [Novitates Systematicae Plantarum Non Vascularium] 48: 81-88. [in Russian]

76 species, 3 varieties and 1 form from 21 genera of Streptophyta, Conjugatophyceae (Actinotaenium, Bambusina, Closterium, Cosmarium, Cylindrocystis, Euastrum, Gonatozygon, Haplotaenium, Micrasterias, Mougeotia, Netrium, Penium, Planotaenium, Pleurotaenium, Raphidiastrum, Spirogyra, Spirotaenia, Staurastrum, Staurodesmus, Tetmemorus, Xanthidium) were found in the basins of the Valdai District area of the National Park «Valdaiskiy» (Novgorod Region, Russia). The list of species is annotated with data on the species distribution in 55 collecting sites of 29 water bodies of the national park, and species abundance in collected samples according to Luknitskaya (2009). Among above mentioned genera, the genus Cosmarium is represented by the greatest number of species (20). Staurastrum chaetoceros has been found for the first time for the Novgorod Region.

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