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Branch, carpogonial in red algae (Florideophycidae, Rhodophyta), a specially differentiated microscopic somatic filament whose terminal cell is the carpogonium
Carpogon auxiliary cell a nutritive auxiliary cell of an advanced red alga (i.e. Rhodophyta, Florideophycidae) that belongs to the carpogonial branch (cf. typical auxiliary cell)
Carpogone a synonym for carpogonium
Carpogonial of the carpogonium
Carpogonial branch (filament) in red alga (Florideophycidae), a specially differentiated microscopic somatic filament whose terminal cell is the carpogonium (cf. carpogenic branch (filament))
Carpogonialis (carpogoniale) a latinized word meaning, carpogonial
Carpogonidangium in the Florideophycidae (Rhodophyta)an old term that is synonym with caposporangial mother cell
Carpogonidium (carpogonidia) in the Florideophycidae (Rhodophyta) an old term that is synonymous with carposporangium
Carpogonifer a synonym for carpogoniferus
Carpogoniferus (-a, -um) a latinized word meaning, carpogonium-bearing
Carpogonium (carpogonia) in Rhodophyta and certain fungi a female sexual cell with a usually long, apical process, the trichogyne, that receives the male cell; = the female gametangium (based upon the Greek, karpos (fruit) and gonos (birth, offspring) or carpo (fruit), gon (reproduction) & -ium)
Monocarpogonial the term refers to the occurrence of a single carpogonium per support or auxiliary cell in some in some members of the Rhodophyta (i.e Kallymeniaceae)- cf. polycarpogonial & unicarpogonial
Polycarpogonial in the Rhodophyta, having more than one carpogonium on a supporting cell or associated with an auxiliary cell (cf. monocarpogonial, unicarpogonial)
Unicarpogonial in the Florideophycidae (Rhodophyta), having one carpogonium per support cell or auxiliary cell (cf. monocarpogonial & polycarpogonial)

14 Found - Displaying 1 through 14

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