Predaea G.De Toni [De Toni fil.], 1936

Holotype species: Predaea masonii (Setchell & N.L.Gardner) G.De Toni

Original publication and holotype designation: De Toni, G. (1936). Noterelle di nomenclatura algologica. VII. Primo elenco di Floridee omonime. pp. 8. Brescia: Privately published.

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Description: Thallus (gametophyte) erect, soft and gelatinous, forming planar blades with entire or broadly lobed margins, or compressed lobes, either rounded or pointed. Medullary filaments slender, loosely arranged, variously mixed with slender rhizoids; cortical filaments pigmented, densely dichotomously to subdichotomously divided, the cells generally ellipsoidal, occasionally rectilinear; intercalary vesicular (gland) cells in the cortex of some species. Monoecious or dioecious. Spermatangia in sparingly branched terminal clusters on superficial cortical cells. Carpogonial branches 2- or 3-celled, borne on inner cortical supporting cells usually proximal to auxiliary cells; auxiliary cells with clusters of nutritive cells attached to immediately adjacent cortical cells; nutritive cells often increasing in number as auxiliary cell enlarges and losing contents as carposporophyte matures; postfertilisation events involving transfer of zygote nuclei through several branched connecting filaments arising directly from carpogonium; gonimoblast initial arising laterally from connecting filament at point of fusion to auxiliary cell, or apically from auxiliary cell. Cystocarps with 1–3 gonimolobes and no sterile tissue. Tetrasporophyte phase microscopic, filamentous (known only from culture studies).

Information contributed by: Huisman (2018).. The most recent alteration to this page was made on 2018-09-26 by M.D. Guiry.

Taxonomic status: This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Schneider, C.W. & Wynne, M.J. (2007). A synoptic review of the classification of red algal genera a half a century after Kylin's "Die Gattungen der Rhodophyceen". Botanica Marina 50: 197-249.

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Descriptions of chrysophyte genera were subsequently published in J. Kristiansen & H.R. Preisig (eds.). 2001. Encyclopedia of Chrysophyte Genera. Bibliotheca Phycologica 110: 1-260.

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