Halicoryne Harvey, 1860

Holotype species: Halicoryne wrightii Harvey

Original publication and holotype designation: Harvey, W.H. (1860). Characters of new algae, chiefly from Japan and adjacent regions, collected by Charles Wright in the North Pacific Exploring Expedition under Captain James Rodgers. Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 4: 327-335.

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Description: Thallus unbranched unicell 6-7 cm tall with persistent compact whorls of 8 primary laterals each of which produces two tapered pod-shaped 0.8 cm long gametangial secondary laterals and a single thrice-branched sterile hair. Thallus and gametangia lightly calcified. H. wrightii with ca. 200 nuclei in cental siphon. Parietal chloroplasts numerous and discoid, pyrenoids absent; thylakoids not stacked into grana. Starch grains in both chloroplast and cytoplasm, the latter not membrane bound. Asexual reproduction unknown. Sexual reproduction involving whorls of gametangia overlapping vegetative branches from the base to the apex. Gametangia produce 100's of heavily calcified coalesced cysts which form biflagellate gametes; gametangia initially uninucleate, when mature with ca. 2000 nuclei.Halicoryne widely distributed in tropical to warm temperate Pacific including southern Japan, New Caledonia, Indonesia. Plants firmly attached to solid substrata such as stones, coral rubble. Most similar to Acetabularia, and these genera previously segregated into own subfamily

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Taxonomic status: This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Comments: Original description: Frons calcareo-incrustata, claviformis, simplex, ex axi tubuliformi monosiphonio continuo ramulisque verticillatis saccatis unicellulosis demum sporiferis constituta. Sporae ex materia viridi ramulorum vetustorum formatog, numerosse, sphtericse, nucleo denso viridi in peridermide hyalino membranaceo incluso.Alga habitu Dasyclado proxima, fructu substantiaque diversa.

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