Phloeospora Areschoug, 1873

Holotype species: Phloeospora subarticulata Areschoug

Currently accepted name for the type species: Stictyosiphon laxus (J.Agardh) Athanasiadis

Original publication and holotype designation: Areschoug, J.E. (1873). Om de skandinaviska algformer, som äro närmast beslägtade med Dictyosiphon foeniculaceus, eller kunna med denna lättast förblandas. Botaniska Notiser 6: 161-171.

Description: The use of this generic name should probably be abandoned for the following reasons: it is now commonly accepted that the type species of Phloeospora, P. subarticulata is a synonym of Stictyosiphon tortilis (Rupr.) Reinke and species previously referred to Phloeospora have been transferred to Stictyosiphon. Reinke (1892) retained Phloeospora as a monotypic genus with Phloeospora brachiata (Harv.) Born. = Stictyosiphon griffithsianus (Le Jolis) Holmes and Batters as type species. Phloeospora Reinke cannot be conserved against Phloeospora Wallr. which is a well-known genus of imperfect fungi (Silva 1952). If P. brachiata (Harv.) Born. is referred to a distinct genus, it must have a new name; however, most authors now consider the type species of Phloeospora as belonging to Stictyosiphon although some differences in thallus organization exist. S. griffithsianus has a uniseriate thallus with parenchymatous knots, and unilocular sporangia are restricted to these knots. Terminal true hairs are present with the same diameter as the assimilating cells below. However, Phloeospora in the original sense of Areschoug is still used in recent literature. South and Tittley (1986) used the binomial Phloeospora curta (Foslie) Jaasund = Fosliea curta (Foslie) Reinke. This is unfortunate as F. curta lacks true phaeophycean hairs, a character which is particularly mentioned in Areschoug's diagnosis: "rami ramulique apice in seriem cellularum seu articulorum pilo terminatam desinentes". In conclusion, the mentioned examples favour the opinion that the generic name Phloeospora should be burried once and for all to avoid further confusion.

Information kindly contributed by P. M. Pedersen but may now be outdated.

Taxonomic status: This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Stictyosiphon.

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