Oogamochlamys Pröschold, B.Marin, U.W.Schlösser & Melkonian, 2001

Holotype species: Chlamydomonas gigantea O.Dill

Currently accepted name for the type species: Oogamochlamys gigantea (O.Dill) Pröschold, B.Marin, U.W.Schlösser & Melkonian

Original publication: Pröschold, T., Marin, B., Schlösser, U.W. & Melkonian, M. (2001). Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic revision of Chlamydomonas (Chlorophyta). I. Emendation of Chlamydomonas Ehrenberg and Chloromonas Gobi, and descripription of Oogamochlamys gen. nov. and Lobochlamys gen. nov. Protist 152: 265-300, 7 figs, 5 tables.

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Description: Unicellular Chlorophyta sensu Bremer (1985) with two flagella in clockwise basal body orientation; cell wall thin with or without papilla, the single chloroplast cup-shaped, parietal and massive with ridges/grooves running parallel to the cell axis; several discontinuous pyrenoids, irregular distributed; eyespot in an anterior position; with only two apical contractile vacuoles or with many (>10) additional contractile vacuoles, distributed over the cell surface; nucleus in central or slightly anterior position. Asexual reproduction by zoospores, rotation of the protoplast by 90 before first cell division ("false transverse division") by species with only two contractile vacuoles or transverse division by species with many contractile vacuoles; partial lysis of the sporangial wall before release of zoospores. Sexual reproduction by oogamy, homothallic, proterandric; zygotes ornamented or not ornamented, green or brownish-red.

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Taxonomic status: This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Comments: The genus is supported by molecular phylogenetic analyses using SSU rRNA sequence comparisons.

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