Hennedya Harvey, 1855

Holotype species: Hennedya crispa Harvey

Original publication and holotype designation: Harvey, W.H. (1855). Some account of the marine botany of the colony of western Australia. Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy 22: 525-566.

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Description: Plants reach 20 cm in length, are epilithic, erect from a discoid holdfast, and consist of perennial subterete cartilaginous axes bearing numerous subdichotomous blades. Blades are composed of a single layer of conspicuously enlarged subisodiametric inner cortical cells bordering both sides of the narrow, filamentous medulla. The inner cortical layer is bordered by 3-4 layers of small, isodiametric outer cortical cells. Supporting cells are monocarpogonial and bear 2-celled carpogonial branches. Gonimoblasts develop inwardly and enter a broad hull of centrepitally directed nutritive filaments. Carposporangia are borne singly on most cells of the centrepital gonimoblast filaments. Cystocarps form singly or in small groups at tips of blade lobes and are strongly protruberant. The ostioles that form in the pericarp appear to be anatomically distinct, not merely the result of local cortical disruption. Tetrasporangia are scattered throughout the cortex of blades and are laterally attached to bearing cells (Kraft, 1977).

Information contributed by: G.T. Kraft. The most recent alteration to this page was made on 2010-10-07 by M.D. Guiry.

Taxonomic status: This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Kraft, G.T. & Womersley, H.B.S. (1994). Family Acrotylaceae Schmitz 1892: 18. In: The marine benthic flora of southern Australia. Rhodophyta - Part IIIA. (Womersley, H.B.S. Eds), pp. 363-376. Canberra:

Comments: Distribution: Plants grow subtidally down to at least 24 m depth endemic to southwest southern Australia from Geraldton to Pearson Island.

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