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Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh 1852

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Rhodymeniophycidae
Order Rhodymeniales
Family Rhodymeniaceae
Genus Cordylecladia


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Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh
upper subtidal, Islas Cíes, Galicia, Spain, 2012. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh
France, Brittany, 2011. 09 Dec 2011. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh
Plate from Greville (1828). 14 Jun 2010. M.D. Guiry. © Out of copyright.

Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh
Ría de Muros, Galicia, Spain, 2008; TS thallus. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh
Ría de Muros, Galicia, Spain, 2008; TS thallus. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh
middle intertidal, Spain, Galicia, Lugo, San Ciprián, 2007. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh
Black Head, Co. Clare, Ireland; old plants growing through shell debris. 03 Aug 2004. Michael Guiry. © Michael Guiry (mike.guiry@nuigalway.ie).


Ectocarpus irregularis Kützing

Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh Ría de Muros, Galicia, Spain, 2008; TS thallus
© Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es)

Publication details
Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh 1852: 704

Published in: Agardh, J.G. (1852). Species genera et ordines algarum, seu descriptiones succinctae specierum, generum et ordinum, quibus algarum regnum constituitur. Volumen secundum: algas florideas complectens. Part 3, fasc. 1. pp. 701-786. Lundae [Lund]: C.W.K. Gleerup.
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Type species
This is the type species (lectotype) of the genus Cordylecladia.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Sphaerococcus erectus Greville

Type information
Syntype localities: "In the sea; February. Discovered in England by Mrs Griffiths at Tor-Abbey rocks, Meadfoot, Waldon rocks, &c. in Torbay; and at Sidmouth." (Greville 1828: pl. 357). Lectotype: Mrs Griffiths; February. E (Jones 1962: 143). Notes: Paratypes: BM-K, LD. Lectotype from Sidmouth (Jones 1962: 143).

Origin of species name
Adjective (Latin), erect (Stearn 1985).

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Sphaerococcus erectus Greville 1828
Gracilaria erecta (Greville) Greville 1830

Taxonomic notes
Guiry (1997) suggests consulting Brodie & Guiry (1988).

Distributional notes
Mediterranean record from Spain (Gallardo et al., 1985) requires verification.

General environment
This is a marine species.

Common names

(as Cordylecladia erecta (Greville) J.Agardh)
English: Erect Clublet (Bunker & al. 2010).

Narrow cylindrical, cartilaginous, brownish-red fronds, to 100 mm high, in tufts from thin, spreading, discoid base often hidden below sand. Sparingly subdichotomously branched, branches usually tapering to fine point. Dioecious. Tetrasporangia and spermatangia in terminal, deciduous, spindle-shaped pods, cystocarps clustered in swollen areas near apices. Reproduction takes place in the depths of winter.

On sand-covered rocks, low intertidal and subtidal, widely distributed, frequently overlooked.

Similar species
Frequently confused with Gracilaria longissima and Gracilaria gracilis both of which do not have an expanded crustose base. Cordylecladia erecta is smaller, generally stands erect and has a brownish-red rather than a purplish-red colour. Plants of Gracilaria longissima may have irregularly sollen areas when growing in sand or shell-sand. Reproductive plants of C. erecta are only found in winter when the reproductive structures occur in swollen, often spindle-shaped areas near the tips of the fronds.

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