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Trichodesmium erythraeum Ehrenberg ex Gomont 1892

Empire Prokaryota
Kingdom Eubacteria
Subkingdom Negibacteria
Phylum Cyanobacteria
Class Cyanophyceae
Subclass Oscillatoriophycidae
Order Oscillatoriales
Family Microcoleaceae
Genus Trichodesmium


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Trichodesmium erythraeum Ehrenberg ex Gomont
near Brue Reef, Western Australia. J.M. Huisman. © J.M. Huisman.

Trichodesmium erythraeum Ehrenberg ex Gomont
Geographe Bay, Western Australia; bloom on surface of water.. John Huisman. © John Huisman (j.huisman@murdoch.edu.au).


Surirella atomus Hustedt

Trichodesmium erythraeum Ehrenberg ex Gomont near Brue Reef, Western Australia
© J.M. Huisman

Publication details
Trichodesmium erythraeum Ehrenberg ex Gomont 1892: 196, pl. V/5: figs 27-30

Published in: Gomont, M. (1892 '1893'). Monographie des Oscillariées (Nostocacées Homocystées). Deuxième partie. - Lyngbyées. Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Botanique, Série 7 16: 91-264, pls 1-7.
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Publication date: 1 January 1892

Type species
This is the type species (lectotype) of the genus Trichodesmium.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Type information
Type locality: near Tor, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (Silva & al. 1996: 58).

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Oscillaria erythraea (Ehrenberg) Kützing 1843
Oscillatoria erythraea (Ehrenberg) Geitler 1932
Skujaella erythraea (Ehrenberg ex Gomont) J.De Toni 1938

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Trichodesmium hindsii Montagne 1844
Trichodesmium erythraeum var. hindsii Wille 1892

Usage notes
Harmful species (Lassus et al. 2017).

General environment
This is a marine species.

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