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Peridinium cinctum (O.F.Müller) Ehrenberg 1832

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Subkingdom Harosa (supergroup SAR)
Infrakingdom Halvaria
Phylum Miozoa
Subphylum Myzozoa
Infraphylum Dinozoa
Superclass Dinoflagellata
Class Dinophyceae
Order Peridiniales
Family Peridiniaceae
Genus Peridinium


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Peridinium cinctum (O.F.Müller) Ehrenberg
Yardley Chase, Northamptonshire, UK. BF image.. 29 Feb 2008. © C.F.Carter(chris.carter@6cvw.freeuk,com).

Peridinium cinctum (O.F.Müller) Ehrenberg
Kingston, Washington, USA; golf course, 1000x, DIC. 31 May 2008.

Peridinium cinctum (O.F.Müller) Ehrenberg
Kingston, Washington, USA; golf course, 1000x, DIC. 30 May 2008. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).


Peridinium cinctum (O.F.Müller) Ehrenberg Kingston, Washington, USA; golf course, 1000x, DIC

Publication details
Peridinium cinctum (O.F.Müller) Ehrenberg 1832: 74

Published in: Ehrenberg, C.G. (1832). Über die Entwickelung und Lebensdauer der Infusionsthiere; nebst ferneren Beiträgen zu einer Vergleichung ihrer organischen Systeme. Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akademie Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Physikalische Klasse 1831: 1-154, pls I-IV.
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Type species
This is the type species (holotype) of the genus Peridinium.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Vorticella cincta O.F.Müller

Type information
not in INA.

Infrageneric classification
Subgenus Peridinium

Origin of species name
Participle A (Latin), encircled, girdled, enclosed (Stearn 1985).

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Vorticella cincta O.F.Müller 1773

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Peridinium westii var. aureolatum Lemmermann
Peridinium tabulatum var. maeandricum Lauterborn 1903
Peridinium westii var. areolatum Lemmermann 1908
Peridinium cinctum var. lemmermannii G.S.West 1909
Peridinium tuberosum Meunier 1919
Peridinium germanicum Er.Lindemann 1919
Peridinium rhenanum Er.Lindemann 1919
Peridinium cinctum var. angulatum Er.Lindemann 1919
Peridinium cinctum var. laesum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium eximium Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum var. regulatum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum var. irregulatum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum f. angulatum (Lindemann) Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum var. collineatum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum var. curvatum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum var. dissimile Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum var. travectum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium eximium var. mutatum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium scallense Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium semicirculatum var. collineatum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium semicirculatum Er.Lindemann 1920
Peridinium cinctum var. minus Woronichin 1923
Peridinium cinctum f. areolatum (Lemmerman) M.Lefèvre 1926
Peridinium cinctum f. regulatum (Lindemann) M.Lefèvre 1932
Peridinium cinctum f. angulatum (Lindemann) Lefèvre 1932
Peridinium cinctum f. irregulatum (Lindemann) M.Lefèvre 1932
Peridinium kincaidii Wailes 1933
Peridinium kincaidii var. lemmermannii (G.S.West) Wailes 1935
Peridinium cinctum var. ornatum M.Szabados 1954

Nomenclatural notes
Popovsky & Pfiester (1990: 168) list this species with the authorities Peridinium cinctum Ehrenberg 1938. In the same work (p. 201) the name is also recorded with the authority 'Penard 1891’ as being a synonym of Peridiniopsis penardii (Lemmermann) Bourrelly 1968.

INA notes "Basionym: 'Trichoda cincta O.F. Müller'; err. cit. for Vorticella cincta O.F. Müller 1773." But the combination is still valid as this is merely a "lapsus". - (26 Sep 2014) - M.D. Guiry

General environment
This is a freshwater species.

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