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Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Mereschkowsky 1902

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Bacillariophyta
Subphylum Bacillariophytina
Class Bacillariophyceae
Subclass Fragilariophycidae
Order Thalassionematales
Family Thalassionemataceae
Genus Thalassionema


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Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Mereschkowsky
Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; Point White, Lugol's, 200x, DIC. 01 Mar 2009. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).

Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Mereschkowsky
Silverdale, Washington, USA; Silverdale Waterfront Park Marina. 21 Feb 2009. Karl Bruun. © Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net).


Cryptonemia lomation (Bertoloni) J.Agardh

Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Mereschkowsky Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; Point White, Lugol's, 200x, DIC
© Karl Bruun (skogenman@earthlink.net)

Publication details
Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Mereschkowsky 1902: 78

Published in: Mereschkowsky, C. (1902). Liste des Diatomées de la Mer Noire. Scripta Botanica (Botanisheskia Zapiski) 19: 51-88.

Type species
This is the type species (holotype) of the genus Thalassionema.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Synedra nitzschioides Grunow

Type information
Type locality: N. Pacific Ocean (Index Nominum Algarum).

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Synedra nitzschioides Grunow 1862
Thalassiothrix nitzschioides (Grunow) Grunow 1881
Thalassiothrix fraunfeldii var. nitzschioides (Grunow) E.G.Jørgensen 1900

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Thalassiothrix nitzschioides var. javanica Grunow
Synedra nitzschioides var. minor Cleve 1883
Thalassiothrix curvata Castracane 1886

Nomenclatural notes
Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Grunow is cited by Naustvoll (2000: 188, table 1). - (11 Jan 2011) - Wendy Guiry

The combination Thalassionema nitzschioides is often credited to Van Heurck (1896, 319; plate caption for text-fig. 75) who however in the text (on p. 319), explicitly rejects Thalassionema. - (14 Sep 2012) - M.D. Guiry

Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Grunow ex Hustedt (Witon & Witkowski, 2006). (Grunow) Mereshkowsky [attributed directly to Grunow] (INA). - (4 Jul 2016) - Wendy Guiry

General environment
This is a marine species.

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Moreno-Ruiz, J.L. & Licea, S (1995). Observations on the valve morphology of Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Hustedt. In: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Diatom Symposium, Maratea, Italy, 1st-17th September 1994. (Marino, D. & Montresor, M. Eds), pp. 393-413. Bristol: Biopress Ltd.
Silva, P.C. & Hasle, G.R. (1997). (1283) Proposal to conserve the name Synedra nitzschioides (Bacillariophyceae) with a conserved type to preserve the current application of the generic name Thalassionema. Taxon 46: 331-332.

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