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Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Rhodymeniophycidae
Order Rhodymeniales
Family Lomentariaceae
Genus Lomentaria


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Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
Cabrillo National Monument, California. Middle zone turfs.. 07 Sep 2018.

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
Lomentaria hakodatensis, lower intertidal, Ría de Muros, Galicia, Spain, 2013, Ignacio Bárbara. Ignacio Bárbara. © Igancio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
lower intertidal, South of Galicia, Spain, 2012. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
Peter the Great Bay, Russia. 27 Mar 2012. Oksana Belous. © Oksana Belous (ksu_bio@mail.ru).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
Peter the Great Bay, Russia. 27 Mar 2012. Oksana Belous. © Oksana Belous (ksu_bio@mail.ru).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
1. Fragment of tetrasporangial thallus. Insert: fragment of cystocarpic thallus. 2. Habit (Peter the Great Bay, Russia).. 29 Feb 2012. Eduard and Tamara Titlyanova (etitlyanov@mail.ru). © Eduard and Tamara Titlyanova (etitlyanov@mail.ru).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
Ría de Arousa, Galicia, Spain, 2011. 08 Nov 2011. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
TS, Ría de Arousa, Galicia, Spain, 2011. 08 Nov 2011. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
Ría de Arousa, Galicia, Spain, 2011. 08 Nov 2011. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo
Ría de Arousa, Galicia, Spain, 2011. 08 Nov 2011. Ignacio Bárbara. © Ignacio Bárbara (barbara@udc.es).

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Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo Sotogawa-cho, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Chiba University
© Hideki Haga (902180827@office.chiba-u.jp)

Publication details
Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo 1920: 6

Published in: Yendo, K. (1920). Novae algae japoniae. Decas I-III. Botanical Magazine, Tokyo 34: 1-12.
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Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Lomentaria is Lomentaria articulata (Hudson) Lyngbye.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Lomentaria sinensis M.Howe 1924

Distributional notes
Intorduced into NW France (Cabioch & Magne, 1987). Also introduced accidentally, probably via oysters from Japan or the NE Pacific, into the Mediterranean (Verlaque et al. 2015: 185) being first found in the Etang de Thau (France) in 1978 from which it has spread to the N Adriatic and further along the Mediterranean coast of France.

General environment
This is a marine species.

Type information
Type locality: Hakodate, Japan

Detailed distribution with sources
(as Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo)
Europe: Atlantic France (Burel, Le Duff & Ar Gall 2019), France (Verlaque 2001, Dizerbo & Herpe 2007, Anon. 2017), France (Breizh) (Loiseaux-de Goër & Noailles 2008), Spain (Cremades Ugarte, J. (1995), Bárbara & Cremades 1996, Veiga, Cremades & Bárbara 1998, Peña & Bárbara 2002, Bárbara 2002, Bárbara et al. 2005, Lamela, Fernández & Rico 2012), Spain (incl. Canary Is.) (Gallardo et al. 2016).

North America: British Columbia (Scagel et al. 1989), California (CA) (Abbott & Hollenberg 1976, Scagel et al. 1989, Stewart 1991, Miller 2012), Gulf of California (Dawson 1944), Washington (WA) (Scagel et al. 1989).

Central America: Costa Rica (Fernández-García et al. 2011).

Asia: China (Tseng 1984, Xia & Zhang 1999, Liu 2008, Tseng 2009, Wang 2012), Japan (Segawa 1981, Yoshida, Nakajima & Nakata 1990, Yoshida 1998, Yoshida, Suzuki & Yoshinaga 2015), Korea (Lee & Kang 1986, Lee & Kang 2001, Lee 2008, Lee et al. 2011), Russia (Kozhenkova 2009, Titlyanov & Titlyanov 2012), Russia (Far East) (Perestenko 1980, Kloczcova 1996, Perestenko 1994), South China Sea (Phang et al. 2016).

South-east Asia: Philippines (Silva, Meñez & Moe 1987, Ang, Sin Man Leung & Mei Mei Choi 2014), Vietnam (Abbott, Fisher & McDermid 2002, Nguyen et al. 2013, Titlyanov, Titlyanova & Belous 2015).

Australia and New Zealand: Queensland (Phillips 1997, Phillips 2002, Bostock & Holland 2010).

Pacific Islands: American Samoa (Littler & Littler 2003), Central Polynesia (Tsuda & Walsh 2013), Federated States of Micronesia (Lobban & Tsuda 2003, Lobban & Tsuda 2003), Hawaiian Islands (HI) (Abbott 1999, Vroom & Timmers 2009), Jarvis I. & Kingman Reef (Tsuda & Fisher 2012), Line Islands (Tsuda & Fisher 2012), Marshall Islands (Dawson 1957), Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Tsuda 2014), Wake Atoll (Ysuda et al. 2010).

Key references
Abbott, I.A., Fisher, J. & McDermid, K.J. (2002). Newly reported and revised marine algae from the vicinity of Nha Trang, Vietnam. In: Taxonomy of Economic Seaweeds with reference to some Pacific species. Vol. VIII. (Abbott, I.A. & Mcdermid, K.J. Eds) Vol. 8, pp. 291-321. Oceanographic Institute, Nha Trang, Vietnam: California Sea Grant College.

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Curiel, D., Bellemo, G, Scattolin, M. & Marzocchi, M. (2006). First report of Lomentaria hakodatensis (Lomentariaceae, Rhodophyta) from the lagoon of Venice (Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean). Acta Adriatica 47: 65-72.
Lamela, C., Fernández, C. & Rico, J.M. (2012). Presencia de Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo 1920 (Lomentariaceae, Rhodophyta) en la costa de Asturias (Norte de España) . Acta Botanica Malacitana 37: 166-167.
Lee, I.K. & West, J.A. (1980). A life history of Lomentaria hakodatensis Yendo (Rhodophyta, Lomentariaceae) in culture. Botanica Marina 23: 419-423.

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