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Prorocentrum lima (Ehrenberg) F.Stein

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Subkingdom Harosa (supergroup SAR)
Infrakingdom Halvaria
Phylum Miozoa
Subphylum Myzozoa
Infraphylum Dinozoa
Superclass Dinoflagellata
Class Dinophyceae
Order Prorocentrales
Family Prorocentraceae
Genus Prorocentrum


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Prorocentrum lima (Ehrenberg) F.Stein
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Publication details
Prorocentrum lima (Ehrenberg) F.Stein 1878: 70

Published in: Stein, F. von (1878). Der Organismus der Infusionsthiere nach eigenen forschungen in systematischere Reihenfolge bearbeitet. III. Abtheilung. Die Naturgeschichte der Flagellaten oder Geisselinfusorien. I. Hälfte, Den noch nicht abgeschlossenen allgemeinen Theil nebst erklärung: Der sämmtlichen Abbildungen enthaltend. pp. i-x, 1-154, pls I-XXIV. Leipzig: Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann.
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Type species
The type species (holotype) of the genus Prorocentrum is Prorocentrum micans Ehrenberg.

Status of name
This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.

Cryptomonas lima Ehrenberg

Type information
Type locality: Sorrento, Bay of Naples (Nagahama et al. 2011: 186). Lectotype: Ehrenberg 1873, fig. 25: (Nagahama et al. 2011: 186). Notes: Nagahama et al. (2011: 186) designate an epitype: Sorrento, Bay of Naples, Italy, 11 July 2004, Y. Nagahama, in Nagahama & Fukuyo 2005, fig. 2A.

Origin of species name
Noun (Latin), file (carpenter's tool).

Homotypic Synonym(s)
Cryptomonas lima Ehrenberg 1860
Exuviaella lima (Ehrenberg) Bütschli 1885
Exuviaella marina var. lima (Ehrenberg) Schiller 1931
Prorocentrum marinum var. lima (Ehrenberg) Krachmalny 1993

Heterotypic Synonym(s)
Exuviaella marina Cienkowski 1881
Dinopyxis laevis F.Stein 1883
Exuviaella laevis (Stein) Schroder 1900
Exuviaella cincta J.Schiller 1918
Exuviaella ostenfeldii Schiller 1933
Prorocentrum marinum (Cienkowski) Dodge & Bibby 1973
Prorocentrum marinum (Cienkowski) Loeblich III 1976
Prorocentrum arenarium M.A.Faust 1994

Nomenclatural notes
Parke & Dodge in Parke & Dixon (1976: 542), Faust (1990), Laza-Martinez et al. (2011) and Almazán-Becerril et al.(2015) cite the authority as (Ehrenberg) Dodge (1976). According to Nagahama et al. (2011: 185), the authority is (Ehrenberg) F. Stein 1878 and they emend the description. The two authorities are cited in INA. - (13 Apr 2011) - Wendy Guiry

Distributional notes
References for the following records are given in Nagahama et al. (2011: 187): Italy; Germany; British Isles; French Polynesia, New Caledonia; Ryukyu Islands; Florida: Virgin Islands (UK); Thailand; Spain: Nova Scotia; Puerto Rico; France; Réunion Island; Mayotte Island; Comoros; New Zealand; Heron Island, Australia; Indonesia; Belize; Japan; Panama; Hawaiian Islands; Tasmania; Gulf of Maine; Cuba; Philippines; Europa Island; Mauritius; Argentina; Mexico; Gulf of St. Lawrence; Saipan Island; Bermuda; Tunisia; Malaysia; Greece; Italy; Costa Rica; Queensland. - (13 Apr 2011) - Wendy Guiry

Usage notes
Faust & Gulledge (2002: 61) notes this species is a known to produce a number of toxic substances, including, diarrhetic shellfish poison, prorocentrolide and fast-acting toxin. Harmful species (Lassus et al. 2017).

General environment
This is a marine species.

Emended by Nagahama et al. (2011:187).

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Key references
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