Cirrulicarpus Tokida & Masaki, 1956

Holotype species: Cirrulicarpus gmelinii (J.V.Lamouroux) Tokida & Masaki

Currently accepted name for the type species: Cryptonemia palmetta (S.G.Gmelin) Woelkering, G.Furnari, Cormaci & McNeill

Original publication and holotype designation: Tokida, J. & Masaki, T. (1956). Studies on the reproductive organs of red algae II. On Erythrophyllum gmelini (Grun.) Yendo. Bulletin of the Faculty of Fisheries Hokkaido University 7: 63-71.

Description: Flat, foliose, dichotomously to polychotomously branched to several orders. Ultimate segments flabellate, cordate or reniform, cleft. Subultimate parts of blade frequently wearing away to leave a thickened stem with or without torn fragments of thallus still attached. Medulla of fusiform cells. Refractive cells present, elongate, with spike-like processes. Cortex of isodiametric to elliptical cells, progressively smaller toward cuticle. Single 3-celled carpogonial branch borne on lobed supporting cell, usually with two lobed subsidiary cells. After fertilization, carpogonial fusion cell involving supporting and subsidiary cells initiating nonseptate connecting filaments that contact a separate auxiliary cell, which bears a carpogonial branch and subsidiary cells. Gonimoblast filaments developing from connecting filament and auxiliary cell and radiating through thallus. Clusters of carposporangia developing near apices of gonimoblast filaments, producing a diffuse, ring-like cystocarp. Carpostome absent. Spermatangia undescribed. Tetrasporophyte isomorphic. Tetrasporangia irregularly cruciate, intercalary in cortex.

Information kindly contributed by S.C. Lindstrom but may now be outdated.

Taxonomic status: This name is currently regarded as a synonym of Cryptonemia.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as masculine.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Woelkerling, W.J., Furnari, G., Cormaci, M. & McNeill, J. (2019). Typification and nomenclature of four species names with links to Cryptonemia (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta): Fucus palmetta S.G.Gmelin, Delesseria gmelinii J.V.Lamouroux, Fucus lomation Bertoloni, and Sphaerococcus lactuca C.Agardh. Notulae Algarum 112: 1-6, 3 figs.

Comments: Perennial. Endemic to the North Pacific: Alaska to Japan.

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